Happy Christmas Ako Tahi!

I have just taken all of your letters to the hospital, to be given to the hospital staff in ward 28, who will be working on Christmas Day! They were delighted!

Happy Christmas Ako Tahi!

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My Kitchen Rules!

On Thursday Mitch and Heather from ‘My Kitchen Rules’ came and spoke to Ako Tahi. It was so interesting! What did you think of Mitch and Heather? What did you learn about cooking? Please answer some of these questions on the classroom BLOG.

Lively Learning

Now that we have finished our Lively Learning activities on a Friday afternoon, what activities would you consider the most fun? How do you think we could improve the activities? Do you have any suggestions for any other learning activities?


Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.

We have a caterpillar that has just changed into a chrysalis in Ako Tahi. Please answer the following questions on the  classroom BLOG –

  1. How long is the life cycle of the monarch butterfly?
  2. Which type of plant does the monarch butterfly lay its eggs on?
  3. How long do butterflies live?
  4. What does the word metamorphosis mean?
  5. What does a monarch egg hatch into?
  6. Why is the Monarch Butterfly orange and Black?
  7. How many stages are there in the life cycle of the monarch butterfly?


Swimming at AquaGym!

Half the team in Ako Tahi have been enjoying swimming lessons at AquaGym over the last two week. Those that attended these swimming lessons had a wonderful time. If you attended please tell the rest of the Ako Tahi what you learnt from the lessons. If you have not attended the lessons yet, what are you most looking forward about the swimming lessons?

  1. Why is it so important that we all learn how to swim?
  2. Do you consider yourself a good swimmer? Why?
  3. What should you and your family do before you go near any water?


Sun Smart School.

Shade is an important part of any Sun Smart School. We are becoming a Sun Smart School so please answer the following two questions –

  1. What can we do to increase the ‘shade areas’ at Paparoa Street School? For example could we could plant more trees? If you agree with this, then where can we plant them?
  2.  How can we teach the children at Paparoa Street School to become Sun Smart?