Swimming at AquaGym!

Half the team in Ako Tahi have been enjoying swimming lessons at AquaGym over the last two week. Those that attended these swimming lessons had a wonderful time. If you attended please tell the rest of the Ako Tahi what you learnt from the lessons. If you have not attended the lessons yet, what are you most looking forward about the swimming lessons?

  1. Why is it so important that we all learn how to swim?
  2. Do you consider yourself a good swimmer? Why?
  3. What should you and your family do before you go near any water?



Sun Smart School.

Shade is an important part of any Sun Smart School. We are becoming a Sun Smart School so please answer the following two questions –

  1. What can we do to increase the ‘shade areas’ at Paparoa Street School? For example could we could plant more trees? If you agree with this, then where can we plant them?
  2.  How can we teach the children at Paparoa Street School to become Sun Smart?

Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back! Miss Hamilton and I are looking forward to Term 4!  Our topic this term is ‘change’ and we have already started to gather our ideas on this subject!

Halloween art, reading, numeracy cafe, literacy menu and so much more fun was had this week!

Please write on the classroom BLOG the difference between the 4 seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring.


Week 10 – Term 3 2017

What an amazing final week we have just had. We have finished our Sarah Platt art work, we have planted over 100 new plants in the domain and we completed a technology challenge! Well done to you all!

Miss Hamilton and I would now like to know the highlights of the term – please record your thoughts on the BLOG under the following headings – plus, minus and interesting.

Have a wonderful holiday Ako Tahi!

Water Creatures.

This week we had a visit from Christchurch City Council. We looked at two water samples. The first was from the stream that runs into the river by the school. The second was from the river. Please answer the following questions:

  1. Please name two water creatures that you saw in the water sample.
  2. What creature was the easiest to find in the water?
  3. What was the difference between the two water samples?
  4. Why is this fresh water so important?
  5. What new learning did you take from this science lesson?