Poetry, Tennis and Talent!

What a week Ako Tahi! Poetry competition, tennis lessons and Paparoa has Talent. All of those who took part did exceptionally well! What part of the week did you enjoy the most? I would love to hear your ideas!


Book Week!

Ako Tahi read and discussed books all week. We looked at characters, settings, key words and main themes of various books.

What did you most enjoy about book week?

Discuss you favourite book and explain why we should all read it!

Miss Hamilton – Congratulations!

Ako Tahi would like to congratulate Miss Hamilton on her recent graduation! We are very proud of you!

  1. What does ‘graduating’ mean?
  2. What is a university?
  3. Would you like to go to university? Please explain your answer.

There are so many questions you could ask Miss Hamilton. What subjects did you study? Was it hard? Are you going to study further? This is such an exciting time for Miss Hamilton – please ask her all of these questions!

Congratulations Miss Hamilton!

The Groynes

On Wednesday we went to the Groynes to study the fresh water. What did we learn?

Please answer the following questions on the classroom BLOG.

  1. Why is this part of Christchurch called ‘The Groynes?’
  2. What tiny creatures did you find in the water? Can you name and describe any two?
  3. What did we learn about feeding ducks?
  4. What was in the most exciting new information you learnt on the trip?
  5. After this trip what other questions would you like to ask about fresh water?

The Groynes

On Wednesday Ako Tahi will travel to the Groynes to study fresh water. We have been looking at fresh water. Please write 5 interesting facts about fresh water on the classroom BLOG. Also please write 5 questions that you would like to ask about fresh water. For example –

Can you take the salt away from sea water and turn it into fresh water?

Another hard working week Ako Tahi – well done!


Water – fresh water and sea water.

Such a busy week Ako Tahi. We were so lucky early in the week when C.G.H.S. came to read their narrative stories to us. We completed some wonderful art with Kate and also took part in drama classes. Lively Learning on Friday was different and we all seemed to enjoy the new choices on offer. We are also finding out how lucky we are to have Miss Hamilton as part of Ako Tahi.

This week your challenge is to explain the difference between sea water and salt water. Please write your answer on the BLOG.